Buy Discord Members


    Important :
    You must add our bot for your order to be processed automatically. Our bot does not have any authority. Does not contain ads.
    You can delete the bot after the member post is finished.
    Link To Add The Bot:

    – PLEASE do NOT put more than 1 order for the same link at the same time to avoid the overlap and we CAN’T CANCEL the order is this case.

    Important Things BEFORE ordering :

    – Invitation BOT must be ENABLED
    – Your server invite link must be for unlimited duration and unlimited users. It should be a random link generated by the platform, not a custom invite link.
    – Anti-Guard bots should not be active on your server.
    – DON’T not ban any member during the Process.
    – Your Server’s Authentication Level should be set to “None” or “Low”.
    (Server Settings > Security Setup > Authentication Level)

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    Earn up to 2,000 Points.